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Lord Bahamut! Thy wish is my command! None shall 'scape Thine unquenchable fury! In this turn, players face off against the transformed Nael van Darnus : Nael deus Darnus.

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At a depth of 6, yalms, your exhausted yet determined fellowship enters the hulk's operations deck. An impossible scene unfolds before you, the surreal landscape bathed in a crimson glare and holding the promise of epic conflict Unlike in previous turns of the Second Coil, there are no trash pulls, only the party and the raid boss.

Nael cannot be attacked during this phase, instead, the players must deal with two sets of three golems. This acts as a DPS check. Nael does not do anything until the end of the phase.

nael deus darnus guide solo

When the phase begins, Nael jumps in middle the area and becomes idle and untargetable. Three random players are marked with a green mark over their head. These players must position themselves on the three circles in middle of the area and move away when the marks disappear. Three comets fall and turn into golems. Comets must be fed to these golems by taking them near them. A red comet grants a Damage Up buff on the golems and a yellow one grants them a Haste buff.

Both buffs can stack. A golem can only be fed three comets or it will turn into a giant golem that will wipe the party. If any golem is brought too close to another, they will fuse and become a giant golem as well.

After about 30 seconds, the golems change colors. Only the green golem must be held by a tank, the other two golems deal negligible damage with their auto-attacks and their AoEs can be dodged or interrupted. These must be placed like in the first phase.

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Another three green markers appear and must be positioned like the last ones and another three golems spawn.This land is fit for but one thing And for that would I gladly offer up both body and soul. Taking the identity of her late brother, she acts as the Legatus of the VIIth Imperial Legion dispatched to the western front, and boasts a distinguished parentage in her late father, a founding figure of the Garlean Empireand a descendant of the ancient Allagan civilization.

Eula Darnus was a Garlean of high stature with fair skin, light blue eyes, and long white hair. As a pureblood Garlean, she possesses a "third eye" on her forehead. As Nael van Darnus, she wears a silver full-body armor styled after Near and Middle Eastern clothing with a horned skull-like helmet concealing her face, all similar to Garlean armor. The upper part of the helmet has a design similar to a white raven with open wings, creature which inspired her nickname. When influenced by Dalamud and later by BahamutNael's eyes glow crimson.

She carries her gunhalberd on her back. After becoming Nael deus Darnus on the Holocharts she turns wyrm-like due to Bahamut's influence, getting wings and claws. Nael still keeps a humanoid part, showing her original face and a female body structure. She has purple skin and wings with golden details. She wears a tiara and her eyes are red while the Garlean eye is glowing.

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Believed to be a man by everyone, Nael is ruthless even to her own people in part because of her descent into insanity, becoming an imposing figure and feared by many. She considers all beliefs as pagan ideals, showing devotion only to the lesser moon Dalamud, believing that the Empire's movement against Eorzea is of its divine intervention to purge the world. Despite belonging to the Garlean Empire, Nael draws no distinction between friend nor enemy when met with opposition, looking everyone from high and seeing all as fools, even her own emperor.

Nael enjoys theatrical mannerisms, using noble gestures while talking to those she considers inferior. The deaths of both the real Nael Darnus and Bradamante still torture the formerly-known Eula, who named herself and her weapon after them in an effort to make their names remembered at the cost of her own identity.

In her suffering, she curses her own father for being the one who shattered their lives. Being one of the Garlean Legatus, Nael is one of the Empire's most accomplished warriors.

She is a skilled Lancerhaving access to two of its strongest Weapon Skills. Her gunhalberd can drain the aether from an aetherial node and shoot it as a high energy beam. Darnus can teleport short distances without needing to attune with an Aetheryte.

After being powered by Dalamud, Darnus gained the ability to absorb other beings' life energy and to animate stone golems. During the final battle, she could alter the aether flux around Rivenroad to capture fragments of Dalamud and attract them to it as small meteors.The Unending Coil of Bahamut Ultimate is a high-end duty added in patch 4.

It can be unlocked by speaking to the Wandering Minstrel in Kugane The minimum ilvl to enter this fight is i, but can be bypassed with a full party. All gear of an ilvl greater than i will be synced down to i, and have materia slots ignored. Standing inside of a neurolink will inflict players with a Neurolink status, heavily reducing their damage dealt and heavily reducing damage from hatches.

The order the neurolinks are dropped doesn't particularly matter, as long as they are in the assigned locations. Personally, I'd start with mark [1], followed by mark [2], followed by mark [D].

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I'd recommend assigning a spot to each player to move out to. After soaking the Fireball, Twintania will use Death Sentence on the tank. A tank swap is required. After dropping her first neurolink, make sure to move her to the second location as soon as possible, as she will begin casting Liquid Hell.

FFXIV Turn 9: Nael Deus Darnus Guide

Rough diagram showing how to bait. As long as you bait along the wall, away from the boss, you should be fine. Liquid Hell will always target a random player that's past a certain distance from Twintania. In order to bait Liquid Hells, make sure your assigned baiter is the only player past this range, and all other party members are somewhat closer to Twintania.

If done correctly, they should be targetted by all 5 liquid hells. Make sure to not bait a liquid hell on Neurolinks. Twintania will then cast Generatemarking a random DPS player with 3 circles rotating around them, targetting them for Hatch.

Ffxiv nael deus darnus guide deutsch

The hatch will explode in a fairly large AoE, extending outside the neurolink about the size of a Shadowflareand any other player caught in the blast will take lethal damage. During this, Twintania will also cast another set of baited Liquid Hells. Because of the delay of the Hatch spawning, players will have to bait twisters outside the neurolink, and move in after the cast is finished.

As long as you can keep the front and rear of the boss open, you should be fine. After dropping her first neurolink, make sure to move her to the second location as soon as possible, as she will quickly begin casting Liquid Hellfollowed by a Generate. This is fairly similar to her previous rotation, except for the fact that she will mark two players. Right after markers disappear, Twintania will mark a random player with Fireball, as well as begin casting a targetted Liquid Hell on one player 5 times.

After hatches are resolved, have all players except for the liquid hell target stack right behind Twintania to soak fireball. The player targetted for liquid hell should circle around the arena, and run into the stack after the 5th hit. Twintania will then cast Death Sentence on her target, followed by another double Generate into Twisterssimilar to the pattern done in the earlier phase. AtTwintania will become untargettable and cast Aetheric Profusion, dealing lethal damage to all players, serving as an enrage.

Twintania must be killed before this, or your party will wipe. The phase begins with Heavensfall, a raid-wide aoe with a knockback dealing damage based on how close you are to the center. Make sure to mitigate.Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In General. Adaptation Distillation : An In-Universe example. The Wandering Minstrel's "ballads" only seem to incorporate the most important bosses from the story, leaving a lot out. Not that this is a bad thing. Adapted Out : Some elements of the story are changed or adapted out, such as Phoenix being temperedinstead Phoenix swoops in to save you, Gaius controlling the Ultima Weapon is never implied, making it seems as if Lahabrea alone was controlling the Weapon, and the entire Goblin Illuminati save for Shanoa are completely removed, making Alexander more villainous that he appears in the Alexander raids.

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Bonus Boss : These trials can only be unlocked by defeating the Savage forms of the final boss in each Raid Dungeon i. Boss Rush : Against bosses of a raid or of the main story before facing a new form of the final boss of said raid or expansion. Continuing Is Painful : Lose in any phase of the fight, and its back to square one of the trial. Harder Than Hard : These trials were implemented with this in mind, only for the most hard-core players.

What's more, unlike other content, the development team currently have no plans to increase the Level or Item Level syncs on Ultimate content, or allow the older duties to be run unsynced. This preserves the difficulty level as it was when initially released, even as players become more powerful as the game progresses, so that all Ultimate content, both existing and forthcoming, will remain the hardest content for the remainder of the game's lifespan. Marathon Level : These fights are all much longer than the average raid length.

The average raid length is about 10 minutes or so. The shortest Ultimate, the Weapon's Refrain, is about 15 minutes.

The Unending Coil of Bahamut, the longest ultimate fight thus far, is twenty minutes long.

FFXIV - Nael Deus Darnus Text guide by Anias - Collision

And there are naturally no checkpoints, so you have to clear the entire fight in one go. Specifically, you go up against a team up of bosses, such as Twintania and Nael fighting with with Bahamut Prime, before the final boss of said Trial has a new form, like Golden Bahamut being taken by him achieving it through his rageWoken Ultima, by the Weapon devouring the three supercharged Primalsor Perfect Alexander, being formed after Alexander Prime fuses with both Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser.

One-Hit Kill : Many attacks in every raid, and an instant death wall for anyone who tries to step out of it unintentionally or otherwise. Puzzle Boss : The Weapon's Refrain and, to a lesser extent, the Epic of Alexander require you to handle certain mechanics in unorthodox ways in order to trigger buffs that the fight is otherwise unwinnable without.

A big part of the initial prog of UWU was figuring out how to trigger those buffs. The Unending Coil of Bahamut Ultimate. There once were brave souls who uncovered the truth of the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Such trials as they overcame were not to be recorded in history, but far from fading with the passage of time, they have been imagined in vivid detail by the wandering minstrel.

As his lilting melody caresses your mind's eye, you cannot help but be transported to the scene of struggle against the elder primal Bahamut O hallowed moon, take fire and scorch my foes! Amid a rain of stars, exalt you the red moon! The Weapon's Refrain Ultimate. Just as warriors temper their spirits in battle, so too does the wandering minstrel hone his craft through colorful retellings of heroic deeds.

His rendition of your triumph over the Ultima Weapon takes the threads of history and weaves them into an epic tapestry.Public Pastes. Tx is not defined Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Feed 2 meteors to each golem. Red ups their dmg while yellow gives them hate.

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Heavensfall - Stay away from the middle or it will be an instakill, close you are the more dmg you take. Ghost Of meracydia drops down. Bring near boss to cleave dmg. Burst before binding chain finishes. It will explode in a huge aoe stay out of it. There will be another garrote twst on a new player. They will trigger when they hit you for about ish damage. If you run abck over them they will implode and suck you in most likely killing you. Ice grants Ice bitten stacks - Having more than 1 will kill you.

Can be removed with fire. Can be removed with Ice. Lightning - Will explode after 4 seconds, if anyone is near you they will receive massive dmg and be paralyzed, run this out. It's important to note that each ice stack will be pre-determined and will not stray from the order, the order will speed up when someone dies.

What we do here is have the first fire tether go out, the 2nd fire tether stays in the middle and we all stack and on the 3rd fire tether you only stay in it if you have ice on you. Another fire tether and lightning will go outseperate if you have lightning on you, everyone needs to spready out at this point.

He will now put out 3 super novas on 3 random people followed by a thermionic beam that you must stack for, avoid stacking on top until the 2nd and 3rd super nova are put out but make sure you make it into the stack on time.

A person will get a dive bomb marker above there head. The person with the dive bomb marker must position themselves so that when the dragons dive they will cover the LEAST amount of the arena as possible. As there is no real way to tell which dragons will dive you until they start casting you must be smart with placement. As soon as your dive bomb marker comes out you must run across the map to your party.

At the same time and for each odd set of dive bomb this 2nd dive bomb marker will be accompanied by double meteor streams as well so be wary of your teammates.In reality there are really only FOUR skills in this phase. Ravensbeak is just like Twintanias Death Sentence.

A massive hit which your healers should preempt with shields Stoneskin, Adloquium. It leaves a debuff on the target which explodes after a time we call this Beak Poison. Dive makes Nael go to a random party member, Chariot is a circle AoE that pushes easily avoided and Thermionic beam deals shared damage to all partymembers stacked onto the target. Having a single member eat 2 of these is likely death… therefore spreading out is needed.

Okay so basically putting 2 meteors close to each other is a wipe. The image on the left is an isometric view of how meteors can be placed. If this is the case, simply have the MT reposition to the nearest tentacle with a free ideal spot. Ranged guys should use up all ideal nodes opposite of the melee pile first, then the middle nodes.

Your tanks should have mitigation up for every beak. If timed correctly right at the start of beak castit mitigates the Beak Poison damage too. But for the most part, healers can remove a chunk of damage from these beaks by casting primarily Stoneskin and Adloquium. Like I said before… knowledge of the rotation! Once Nael flies back into the arena, 3 green colored meteors spawn on random party members. The same rules apply for the previous stardusts! Ideally you want to land them at the center of each circle conveniently, there are three in the middle of the rune.

We landed a meteor in the critical area during phase 1! Use up any empty Desperate or Ideal nodes. Three golems spawn random location. Blue, Green, Red. Lets talk about the golem skills. Make sure your tanks mitigate this. Demolish is your general AoE spell that also hits hard. Magnetism attracts all meteors and players to it. This is the first skill he does so positioning Blue Golem in between 2 meteors is the best bet.

[WAR solo] The Second Coil of Bahamut - Turn 4: Nael Deus Darnus

Red Golem is also weak. Eating a meteor gives golems superpowers!! If not? While there are prettier strategies to get past this, Pain Train has the least friction. How is it done? I wish there was more to it. During the early days we made complex diagrams on how to get past barrage… but the only diagram we needed was a circular one. Step 4 of the Pain Train miniguide should not be ignored. Do some AoE heals after this process stops 6 Meteors and get ready for the second set of golems!

If you guys can get to this point, killing golems should be your middle name. Same rules apply: All golems have to be dead, all meteors consumed.I'm really glad Nael won this month's Patreon poll. I've always had a huge fascination with this character and this raid I may have developed a sort of. Nael Deus Darnus has been made a synonym of Nael van Darnus. I've always had a huge fascination with this character and this raid I may have developed a sort of Stockholm syndrome after weeks wiping it.

It made working on this very enjoyable and it's probably.

nael deus darnus guide solo

MTQcapture All Rights Reserved. Warning: This guide may contain inaccurate information. Turn9 Guide steht endlich! Container minimized. Distinct Advantage. Tal Hawke. Guilded is the new standard in gaming team management.

Yeah, so? David 7. Please download one of our supported browsers. Need help? Something went wrong. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated.

ARR: Triple Triad is the website for you! Here you'll find cards location, challengeable NPCs and much more. Nael van Darnus. The hour of cleansing is at hand—by my searing light shall the world be purged of its taint. Thanks to Gorb and his group for providing me with this video, since I couldn't beat Deus Ex is an interesting series of video games: Deus Ex was the first one, it is complete ass-kickery and win and it actually required using one's brain.

It is quite difficult to kill it. I search for a useful guide from Solitude. Related Videos. If you find any discrepancies or have any problems with the site, please send a mail to ari ariyala. Also if you want to support me with a little donation, I'd be.

It allows the player to enter an dungeon with 3 unit members. While unit members have their own free will, responding as the situation demands, they can be given orders to guide their actions Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 1. I have bested Garuda and would like to share how I accomplished it. By this, alone, the character is a point of interest and deserves to have a detailed spotlight to explain a few things. Taking the identity of her late brother, she acts as the Legatus of the VIIth Imperial Legion dispatched to the western front, and boasts a.

Deus Vult God wills it in Latin was a battle cry called out by crusaders at the declaration of the First Crusade in Nael van Darnus becomes Nael deus Darnus - he has a red, fiery glow around him.

Dalamud's fall has NOT been stopped, but Darnus has. There's another force at work here. Your final task is to find marks of every deity of Eorzea - there are twelve, but one has two, so you have thirteen to find Nael van Darnus was built using a male Elezen skeleton in FFXIV 1.

nael deus darnus guide solo

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